close harmony

a 4 days seminar for advanced tango dancers, with

and his teaching friends

July 23-26  2020

in lovely Broek in Waterland, 15 minutes from Amsterdam

Last seminar in Broek in Waterland was such fun that Murat and I decided to do it again, with improvements:

• Extension of the event to 4 days, giving time to relax

• Three open milonga’s involving the NL tango scene

• Guest teachers adding flavour

• Guided practica and personal attention

• Camping facilities making it more affordable

The theme ‘Close Harmony’ will focus on

• Musicality

• Sensitivity

• Technique

• Double role

Having met Yanna and Steve I immediately wished to have them in our own event.

Yanna struck me by her sweet embrace and clear helpful explanations.

Steve charmed me with his original approach and musicality. 

Yanna and Steve will support our main teacher Murat.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at Close Harmony! 

If you cannot attend the whole event, you are welcome at our

open milonga’s. Pieter van Gendt, organizer


sleeping accommodation


There is Airbnb in Broek in Waterland and surroundings. 

You can hire an (e-)bike if it is to far to walk.
If you want to share an Airbnb with other participants, you may suggest that on the Close Harmony FB event

You can also stay in Amsterdam, but calculate your daily trip.

Soccer club

The local soccer club Noordsche Bosch is right behind the venue. 

We take care of air mattresses on the indoor field.

Bring your sleeping bag and improvise a pillow.

You can also put up your own tent or camper. If you snor please do so…

There are decent showers and toilets. Don’t forget to bring your towels. 

bike tour

If you like, you can join our Sunday 34 km (e-)bike Waterland tour. 

This is a unique opportunity to explore the picturesque countryside and villages North of Amsterdam.


Before or after the event, Amsterdam is around the corner.


Murat will come by himself, supported by Yanna & Steve

Murat Erdemsel (T), dancer, painter, musician

I like to combine musicality with a smooth dance style, lots of technique work like martial arts movements, as well as mindfulness to create peaceful self awareness, 

I like to break the chains of leading and following.

I’m excited to give this event again in 2020.

Yanna Es (UK/DK), dancer, choreographer, counsellor, mediator and artist. 

My emphasis in tango is quality, sensitivity, flow & connection. Dancing & teaching both roles, I encourage a balance of technique, and playfulness.

‘Being present’ is important to experience the joy of Close Harmony and unity.

Steve Morrall (UK), musician, designer, dancer

All my life I’ve loved to create. As a musician, as a graphic designer and as a tango teacher.

In tango I find the culmination of creative art, music and dance. Close Harmony to me is two dancers moving expressively as ‘one dancer with four legs’. 

I love to make this happen.



The seminar is for dancers with a matching advanced dance level. 

We like a warm atmosphere where dancers care for each other and are curious to change partners.

We expect

• Mirada & cabeceo to invite a dance partner

• 'Leaders cabeceo' to enter the ronda

• Considerate and skilful navigation

About the leaders cabeceo



The event is role balanced. Please register (separately) with a dance partner. If you don’t have a dance partner you can put a message on the FB event Close Harmony. We can also put you on the waiting list. If you have questions, let us know.


After your registration we will answer as soon as possible.

If you can participate we will send a payment request.

Having received your payment, your participation is set.


The price of the event is € 400,- incl. food and drinks, excl. transport and sleeping accommodation (see registration form). 

Early Birds get € 20,- discount before April 1.

You get

9 hours of teaching, 8 hours of guided practica with dedicated personal attention, 15 hours of dancing, 6 hours of leisure time.

3x breakfast, 3x lunch, 4x dinner, 8 drinks, unlimited tea, coffee and water.