Our venue is situated in Broek in Waterland,

15 minutes North of Amsterdam Central Station. 

Take time to admire the beautiful village. 

het broeker huis

The venue is Het Broeker Huis Leeteinde 16 Broek in Waterland

The main room has a wooden dance floor, an excellent sound system and windows facing the lovely surroundings.

Organic and vegetarian meals will be served in the courtyard.


Free parking is just a few steps from the venue at

Moerland 4 Broek in Waterland.

Buses 24/7 to & fro Amsterdam CS take 15 minutes.

At Central Station go to platform A, facing the harbour.

Take bus 314/316

Ask the driver to stop at Broek in Waterland.

Take the tunnel to the village.

It’s a 10 minutes walk.

Keep the lake left and walk towards the church.

Keep the church right and before the bridge go right.

Signs are pointing to Het Broeker Huis.


Pieter van Gendt Programming & PR

+31-6219 289 74 •  Mail

I like to bring you together and inspire to express yourselves. During the events, I take care that everything runs smoothly.

Your presence will make it worth while.

Ariëlle van Eijsden Location & host

I love Broek in Waterland, it’s a gorgeous place. I love

to dance, it’s part of my life. That’s why I love to help making these events into a success. 

I’ll be there for you.

Jeppe van Rijssel Host Het Broeker Huis

Jorrit and I were raised as brothers in Broek in Waterland. I studied Chemistry, but working in Het Broeker Huis was tempting.

It is fulfilling to see people happy at this location.

I will take care that you feel comfortable here.

Jorrit Bron Chef de cuisine

I studied Social Geography at the University of Amsterdam. Like Jeppe I also fell for Het Broeker Huis and we became the proud owners. Now we can continue our passion in our beloved village.

I like quality in a charming but casual setting.

I will make sure you'll enjoy some fine food.